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Why is easier to find excuses, I S - Eseu / Literatura

My running outfit is ready - for years now. Now and then a new item comes to join the crowd. Like for example in the last couple of weeks: clothes made out of good materials which are absorbing the sweat when needed letting the skin breathe, clothes which are making you feel good even sexy, but which are not the T-shirt or the trousers one uses to go out for work or just to have a walk. The right clothes for a sport activity are important!

I was thinking lately I need a new pair of running shoes, shoes able to inspire me more. My present runners are Old, Grey, Boring. I was talking on the phone to my best friend about this issue and she told me she recently acquired some pink Nike shoes, light as a feather, only she is not running but using them to go to the gym. You can imagine what came after the talk - a visit to the first shop with sports articles. But after analyzing the offer I decided that 90 euro(on sale!) for a flashy new pair of runners are just a pathetic excuse for not doing the actual running activity.

Since a month or so I am watching a Romanian show "Ajutor! Vreau sa slabesc"(Help! I want to loose weight). I do not want to loose weight, far from it, I discovered that the 54 kg I wear now are in perfect harmony with my height, my age. What I do want is to find a motivation for having healthier meals and more exercise. And this show not only tells you it is good to eat this or to work this group of muscles but explains you scientifically every little step in the change of the people wanting help from the two specialists - one in nutrition and the other one in fitness. It is so easy - and everyone can actually do it - to call upon arriving home from work the first pizza delivery service and eat zero nutritionally meals(happy to say I have not eaten any pizza, but rather cooked meals or salads for a month now).

Today I decided to just go out. And I listened to the advice someone gave me recently, actually I took half of it, which is still good. Firstly she told me she runs without listening to any music. I used to run with music of all types going through my ears, and as a result my running was either fast as hell, or slow as sleeping depending on the rhythm of the song. So I was one moment with the heart wanting to break my chest, in the next moment moving like an 80 yo lady. The second advice she gave me was to increase the running time slowly, starting with for example 20 min and then to go gradually in the next days to longer times. What I did - I was running with no music through the forest, the only sounds coming to challenge my ears were the sound of the flowing river near me, the birds singing, the dogs, kids and people being out for a walk. With the second tip I could not listen. I want all or nothing. I was running continuously, the only limit and a sign to stop for me was the point when I felt I had the tendency of breathing with my mouth open.

If yesterday was Spring, today I was running through Summer - people out for grilling, picnics, T-shirt weather. And yes I was red after the whole thing, but I discovered I have muscles I had long forgotten of.

I realized that my old, boring runners are excellent. The only place where I have to work is on my motivation. Advice for me - keep doing this, turn it into a habit, develop a reflex out of it. Good habits are Essential for a healthy life.

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